Final of the creative habit..?

Well this was challenging. I knew it was going to be hard but i did not expect this to be an enjoyable final and a great practice to follow into the summer. Of course it won’t be as intense and the theme will change but the idea will stay the same, animating a little bit through out my summer.

The first week of this project I hadn’t committed to the every day idea and didn’t add movement to my animations, instead they where just stills or a story board.

Terrible right. So the next week I really stepped it up, I added color and movement. The theme was EXPERIMENTAL. amputeegiff.gifbernetttgifdisorder.gif

The first animation depicts someone who is obsesses with aptitudes and long to be one, the second depicts someone who feels like everything is rotting inside them.

Next week I tried to step away from mental disorders and to the idea of phobias. balllooonpopgif.gifeyeyeyee.gif

fist : fear of balloons popping, Second: fear of eyes

I feel like that week was not as successful as it could have been it might be because the phobias that I found I could not connect to personal. So final week I desired  to  find something that I personally was afraid of and see if I could find the phobias for it.

legssgiff.gifXyrophobia is the fear of razorsdemonssgif.gif

hmm uploading problems.. here’s a link then : file:///C:/Users/Essie/Desktop/demonssgif.gif

this is Halitophobia, fear of bad breath.

so those where the best of the weeks  and its a wrap.


Creative Habit 33333

“I’m Sorry to say but Essie I believe that you might have…………..”

Now I’ve always felt uneasy whenever I am at a Doctors office because I’m never there for a good time. I’m there because something is wrong and I cant fix it and they always love to use fancy words so I really don’t understand what is going on and honestly they probably don’t know what going on, they aren’t going through it. so these little gifs are how my brain would comprehend a disorder or phobia and understanding is the first step of moving on right.


               the fear of balloons being poppedballlooonpopgif.gif

balloons are scary .


                  fear of beards


I don’t love this GIF as much as my other ones besides the colors. There’s not as much movement and I feel like I could have pushed the fear a bit more. Should have brain stormed a bit more, even though seeing a angry bird pop out of a beard from a red portal is kinda scary to see down the street.


            the fear of slime


So this one didn’t get finished the lovely 60 min ran through and other finals where knocking at my door. Ughhh. I chose pin slime because I wanted to u use colors that people don’t associate with gross things or slime .


fear of weddingsrings.gifNom Nom Nom on our finger.


           fear of the eye ballseyeyeyee.gif

This was kinda fun and simplified. I wish I could have added more detail like the last week but you know… haha. This GIF reminds me of the song,Somebody’s watching me

ART becoming life.


On Tuesday I had the pleasure of watching a documentary on someone who stuck to his guns throughout the years doing what he loves. That,s everyone’s goal right. To do what they love and be paid for it. Honestly Though I feel that He doesn’t even care if he was paid or not. I could never be like that but it is nice to admire.

Creative Habit 2

Think Experimental right.

After the last blogs I’ve been hearing the same thing.. I need more. This is probably because I wait till the last minute to do the blog.  So I decided  like my creative habit I will blog every time.. Every time… EVERY  TIME I’m done with my creative habit. Then at the end my blog will show more of inside look of the Essie. Exciting I know.

For this week  I am going to focus on loosing up aka experimental animation. so here it goes.

I really appreciate  the way he uses textures and I feel that this could be the thing I need to push my idea to the next level. here is my first attempt


This was my first attempt the the disorder was Micropsia, or the Alice in Wonderland syndrome. This is where things become warped and objects can change their shape.

Next day I wanted to tackle the Cotard’s Syndrome, The belief that you are a walking corps and you are dead. bernetttgifdisorder.gif

Instead of rotting organs I related to this disorder with rotten food in the fridge. And so I created a Fridge girl. I pushed more of an experimental feel by adding some fun textures.

Today I wanted to push more with textures and use fabrics and what not. The disability that I animated was BIID, Body integrity identity disorder. It is where a person is really into amputees and or wants to become one. amputeegiff.gif

The animation above is a mixture of a cookie and also a paper doll.

Creative Habit

A creative Habit, a thing that every artist should have right. Well good thing I’ve started this journey. What I wanted to do was describe and draw an animated short of a mental disorder. This is something that i have ran into like anxiety and something my friends have dealt with. I guess this is my way on dealing with their problem and better understanding them. At first I thought I could preselect the disorders each week but then I desired to open a book I found in the library that had lists of lists of disorders and i would pick out a disorder randomly.

Fundamentals of Abnormal Psychology / Edition 7

Originally I thought that the animation would be left to the last few min  of my time and the more important would be the sketching part but as I started to draw time out I realized that I was more likely to spend more time on the animation. It help keep me focused on the flow of the scenes. This was my favorite one from this week. etarverbrain001.jpg

this is how I see Pain Disorders. Of course this is not realistic but I relate to this in a way. Instead of actual physical things attacking the person its all in their head.

This definitely was inspired by the animation Nosy Bear because I definitely feel the same way. The weather is getting better and so why not sit outside and draw little squares.


Because mental disorders are touchy and almost hard to explain I really wanted to use surreal like drawings to try to explain the issues like the animation the regular show. They find very creative was to take spins on things that already happened.

Lets make a parklettt..

And that is what we did. This was a fun and challenging project to work on. We started with big ideas and condensed it to something that still looks amazing and really pretty.

For this week I worked and finished the interactive piece for the park-let the exquisite corps. That was really fun haha.

these are some of my favorite ones that i digitally colored. I ended up choosing the hand flower and the fish guy to paint on wood. I simplified the colors on the hands and it was a rap.Parklet Poster (1)

this was the fun poster that was created to push our event 🙂

Pipeline part 3

image 1              pile of wood offered on Craigslist

Starting this week we were going to start on the construction of the park-let. Sadly the place were we were going to gather lumber from seemed to bail, not only that but we had to scrap different elements of the park-let. I started surfing Craigslist for scraps of wood here and there. I got some positive results from it.

If finding proper building wood is a hassle and it becomes crunch week then the alternative is to do some cool things with simply tree stumps.  Container planting: Exceptionally Creative DIY Tree Stumps Projects to Complement Your Interior With Organicity: 37 Insanely Creative DIY Backyard Furniture Ideas That Everyone Should Pursue:

I personally really like this idea. It’s simple enough where it can get done easily and still allow a lot of creativity, but as stated before this is a safe plan B.

Because the back wall has been cut out we are focusing on creating the geometric artistic feel through painting.

This week I started to work on sketches for the exquisite corps piece. Definitely a different way of thinking, haha.

pipeline part 1 and 2

So I have become co- art directer of the park-let project. The first step was to nail down the design of the park-let. The mood/theme of the park-let is artistically funky desert.  weird combo right. After the pow wow of ideas  the art department each drew out different ideas on what the park-let could look like. The group picked the things that most interested them, we stuck with a very geometrical piece that breaks up in three parts with somewhat flowy art designs on the park-let. 

The idea is to mimic something like Jen Stark. As seen the picture the color palette is rainbow. Now this would be a little much wall to wall rainbow so we derided to stick with a simpler color palette.


After the model and the color palette were chosen my focus goes towards what will go inside the park-let. Because the underline theme for items are recyclables that is what we will be looking for. Its a lot cheaper and pushes a more positive outlook on the process. But unlike some recycle projects we do not want the recycled pieces to be as recognizable to the visitor, and so we will be painting the majority of them and cutting them in unique ways.

Hometalk | Wine Jugs and Jute:

Modern hanging plants wall from recycled plastic bottles | Recyclart:

-I like that you put them on a 1X3 to hang. It must hold the integrity of the container nicer. DIY flower pots made from repurposed milk jugs:

Succulent Wine Bottle Planters:

Use empty wine bottles in the garden again - 20 clever ideas:

Home Decor Ideas with Wood Pallet:

These concrete stepping stones are a true reflection of your garden when imprinted with leaves from the surrounding plants. These can be made in an afternoon and cost less than $2 each in materials, making them a thrifty yet beautiful garden DIY project.:

and there are so many more ideas that can be found on Pintrest. One thing that will change would be that we won’t be using glass for anything beside inside of a mosaic.


welcome to hell.. maybe

Why not do a horror movie clip for the project since the project is hellish.

My idea is to create something like the grudge monster. The idea that ” the thing” never leaves. This is the basic idea of every horror monster like leather face, Jason, and Micheal Myers, they can some how always find you. In my movie idea thing I want to address the personality. This is something that never will leave and it grows sometimes for the better others for the worst. I want to follow the idea of the movie Donnie Darko with the imaginary friend kinda thing.



7 sins that are deadly


These are the lovely sins depicted in cat form. Aren’t they charming? And that is how I fell about the idea of the seven deadly sins, charming and harmless. Why not push the idea even more not only with the subject matter but with a colorful, pastel color palette. Making it even more dream like and childish.

The drawings have the combination of literal and abstracted  depictions.I would say that Lust, Rage, and Gluttony are the most obvious on how they are represented. Envy, Sloth, and Pride are more creative. The reasoning between this is mostly because there’s are they ways i have seen these “sins” depicted. Envy is the most abstract because first off it was the first sin i considered on doing. Secondly I consider this as my personal sin. I have felt the longing that envy can create.

part 3


Why Cats?

Besides my affections for the fur balls there’s other reason for their use with my project of the seven deadliest sins. Through out history cats have had a trail of bad omens that are attracted to them making them seem evil.

One of the most popular myths of a cat is that they are wiches and or they are wiches companions in the dark arts. The became the main idea during the 13 centrey. A Pope desided that black cats the worst of all where connected to satanism. During this time the church was everything and the bible teachings where driven in everyone’s heads. Because only people of the church could read the holy scriptures rules where a simple way for people to keep in mind day to day. That is where the seven deadliest sins became to be. The list was changed and simplified so that the people would member much easier.

And now during modern times the seven deadliest sins don’t have the weight that they once had if anything its a faint memory that is not acted on. This is why i created the project. I wanted to show how cats are really cute and the idea of seven sins are silly.

There’s are the marker drawings of six of the seven.

the 7 deadly007

this is my lust drawing.


Cat Pentagram Evil Cleaning Satan Worship T-Shirt Kitty

Zo La Placa

i found this picture hilarious.